How Press Releases Can Improve Your Website’s Popularity?

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Can press releases improve your website’s popularity? Sure, it is a great way to build awareness, especially if you are just a startup.

But how? All businesses want to boost their traffic and exposure. How does it help achieve it?

Earlier, releases were so useful for brands that want to boost traffic to their sites. Link building was their only way to do this.

Soon, Google noticed this tactic. It punished all sites that manipulate releases to build backlinks.

Today, if you created a newsworthy and relevant content, you can still earn links but in a more natural way. If people find it useful, they would surely read and share it. This is how you can earn links from other sites.

This method helps build traffic to your site which in return contributes to your site’s popularity. They recognized your content for being newsworthy and relevant.

An effective and optimized content ranks well on the search engine result pages. This leads to more site traffic, leads and sales. Overall, your site becomes popular to visitors and your target audience.

How to Receive More Backlinks

Contrary to what others believe that releases don’t have SEO anymore, it is still the best way to increase traffic and exposure. When your brand is exposed, it improves your site’s ranking and popularity.

Press release distribution is the most logical way to boost traffic and exposure compared to paid advertising. When you distribute your news, your traffic can greatly improve by placing appropriate call-to-action and allow the readers to learn more about your product, service or event.

How to Use Releases to Build Your Site’s Popularity

Until today, it is very effective to get your news out there in the public. The media is also using it to report something newsworthy. This is why only relevant and newsworthy content gets their attention.

If you use newswires, it is not only syndicated on different sites, locations, aggregators and search engines. It is also shared on social media sites.

Until today, it is useful for brands to get in front of their target market. When they succeed in doing it, it can help boost their sales.

Since it is indexed by the search engines, a well optimized content is ranked on top of the SERPs. If you are on the first page of the SERPs, people are able to find you.

It means that more people will visit your site. More site visit can lead to more sales and popularity.

If you have written a content to build your brand, people who have read your content will eventually see you as an authority. If you are a trusted brand, they will surely come back to your site again and again to get information or make a buying decision.

Journalists will also see you as a trusted source of information. A good content can help establish your brand. If they find you trustworthy, you’ll have better media opportunities in the future.


Issuing a release on a regular basis will help create branding. Journalists will visit your site if they want to verify information, get updates or check your site for any story idea.

Do Releases Still Help You Rank?

Time and again, some experts believe that releases no longer have an SEO value. However, several happenings in the past and up to the present that it is still effective to help a site rank on the searches.

For instance, in the case of Roman Originals brand that went viral after a dress, it was proven that releases were still valuable. Since it went viral, it received tons of press mentions, social media comments and publicities.

In the end, it earned a great improvement in its sales and press mentions. Its traffic boost to almost 420 percent and 2.3 percent in backlinks earned. It’s not just that because their global sales went up to 560 percent in just one day.

In short, a simple content can drive you traffic, exposure and sales. It can also make your brand popular instantly.

In this example, it is important to write a content that has the element of surprise. Include something that your audience is not expecting. The element of surprise can get your news easily viral.

When writing your content, think outside the box. Think how you can stand out from other brands. Focus on your brand’s uniqueness.

Writing an SEO Press Release Can Drive Traffic and Exposure

If you are crafting a content for SEO, you should concentrate on choosing the right keyword. It is the basic and most fundamental tool to rank your site on the SERPs.

Choose a keyword that your target audience is using when searching for a content relevant to your niche. It should help you rank using that certain keyword.

You can use a free SEO tool called Google Keyword Planner to find targeted keywords. You should also understand the difference between a short-tailed and a long-tailed keyword.

After choosing your search term, use it in the headline, summary and the body of your content. Avoid keyword stuffing because it would ban you from the SERPs.

To avoid keyword stuffing, you should use LSI keywords. These are words that mean the same as your target keyword.

Aside from using relevant keyword that has low search competition and high search volume, you should use anchor text backlinks. It drives audience from the release to your website that boost adds more traffic.

However, ensure to include only one to two links within your release. Including more than two can flagged you as a spam.

As people are more interested in visuals than text, you should include multimedia like images, video, infographics and other visual elements. It is the best way to keep their interest, make them engaged and hooked with your offer.

Lastly, you should maximize your distribution. Don’t just settle pitching to a journalist and you’re done. Don’t just focus on using a newswire service and that’s it.

Instead, if you earned publicity, amplify it. Publish it on your website, blog and social media channels.

Each time you issue a release, add these elements to expand the reach of your content. It also boost your ranking on the SERPs. Naturally, it helps your site to become popular to the visitors, customers and the media.

A popular site has a better reputation online, authority and is recognized as a professional brand. It takes time to earn it, but once you did, protect it.


Releases do more than just getting the word out about your product or service. With the advent of social media, it has transformed the content to become a powerful method to promote a website.

An optimized release can do a lot for a business. It promotes visibility as distribution makes it possible for your content to reach different news sources, sites and media.

A release with the right keyword appears on top of the SERPs like Google, Yahoo News and other search engines. It means that your content is exposed to a wider audience. This also means that more people will visit your site.

With your news placement on different locations, it is reaches different segments of the market. You can reach various audiences. It means more traffic and exposure to your site too.

A release can help you establish your brand. It adds another content that supports your company. The more content you have, the better is your authority, credibility and popularity.

Moreover, if people see that you rank on a popular search engine, they will see you as a trusted source of information. As you earn their trust, they will be coming back to you again and again for future engagement.

The key element in making your site popular through releases is to boost traffic to your site.  Always include a link to your site to provide your audience a way to learn more about your announcement and your brand.

Place a link to wards your site or blog where they can perform a specific form of action. Up to now, releases remain an effective tool to increase site traffic by including relevant keywords, hashtags, optimized headline, multimedia elements and more.

Don’t forget to optimize your content with multimedia elements like images, videos, infographics and other visual elements. It boosts the audience’s engagement which certainly help increase traffic to your site.

Furthermore, images help your content rank better on the SERPs. Use appropriate description with keywords. It can boost your ranking on Google Image search engines.

It is also important to use newswire services that can help expose your brand to other locations. Using the service syndicates your content to different places which widens your site’s exposure.

Lastly, it all boils down to a well written release. If you produce a newsworthy and relevant content, people will have the interest to read and share it. Even you optimized your content, but it is not interesting at all, or is not written appropriately, it doesn’t help you improve your traffic.

A release is an effective tool for brands to grow their business. Make sure to know the ins and outs of using it to maximize the potential benefits it brings.


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