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How Does Direct Cremation Work?


Direct Cremation is a simple funeral option gaining popularity in the modern-day UK, increasingly favoured as a funeral choice to keep costs low. It’s popular for people who make their own arrangements ahead of time and those making arrangements for a loved one. This is far from what you may think about as a funeral, as traditional burial and cremation services are often more extravagant. Conversely, a Direct Cremation is on the basic end of the funeral spectrum, offering minimal cost or fuss while still fulfilling all UK legal obligations that pertain to the end of life. You may wonder if this is a good option for your personal arrangements or your loved ones, so to help, we’ve made the following list of all the crucial information to help you decide. 

What’s a Direct Cremation?

A Direct Cremation is what it says – it’s a direct cremation option that cuts out all the frills. It’s a basic and inexpensive funeral choice that ticks all the legal boxes while also being held without a service or fanfare. There is no viewing, embalming and no mourners. Instead, loved ones will receive a simple urn with cremated remains, or they can be scattered on request. Sometimes this option is selected as there is no fuss, and it’s preferable to celebrate the deceased’s life in a different way, such as a celebration of life gathering. Others choose it for the low cost and to lessen any financial burden. Direct Cremation can also be prepaid ahead of time by those who wish to handle arrangements personally, relieving loved ones of arrangements and any associated burden. A Direct Cremation is the most barebones funeral option you can have, thus making it an attractive option for many people for their own funeral or that of a loved one. 

Why You May Consider a Direct Cremation

  • You’d prefer to have your loved ones celebrate your life and hold a memorial instead of a traditional funeral.
  • You prefer a minimal-fuss approach to end-of-life arrangements.
  • You may want to mark your loved one’s life rather than death.
  • It would be best if you keep expenses to a minimum. 
  • This option may also be appropriate if there is no immediate family or friends to attend a funeral or make arrangements.
  • A direct cremation saves on requiring substantial financial funeral provisions.

What is Usually Included?

  • Collection from the place of death and transport to the mortuary or funeral home
  • A no-frills wood coffin
  • A local crematorium cremation 
  • The cremated remains will be scattered on request or in a simple urn given to the family
  • The Doctor’s fees for final legal paperwork, payable in England and Wales

County Funerals Offers Direct Cremation

County Funerals can help when you choose a Direct Cremation for you or a loved one. We handle everything to give you peace of mind making all arrangements with respect and dignity for the departed and their family. Visit our website or contact our experienced funeral team here for more details – we are always on hand to answer your questions.

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