Healthy lifestyle in Dubai – how and when?


Unless you’re hiding under a rock, you’ve noticed that living a healthy lifestyle has become a popular topic. People love to buy healthy food, organic fruits, etc. And most of all, they love talking about it. So, there’s no way you don’t already know something about this topic. However, knowing this and implementing it in your daily life, are two different things. So let’s see how to start living a healthy lifestyle in Dubai. And on the other hand, it might be just the right place to kick off a business related to fitness.

Living a healthy lifestyle in Dubai

Dubai is one of the places in the world with a healthy lifestyle frenzy going on. People want to work out, they want to hire a Dubai PT to look good. But, since there’s more to it than that, read on how to make health your top priority in your busy life in Dubai.

Eat healthy food

Even the government of the UAE encourages the residents to promote healthy eating habits. And you may notice that their measures seem to work, as people really try to eat healthy food. Luckily, that’s not hard, since there are many options in eating in and out in Dubai. There are many restaurants here with healthy options, so you’ll never stay hungry. In recent years, there have been more and more fresh fruit and vegetables that you can find here, and most of the are grown in the country. You should also:

  • avoid trans fats, so it’s best to stay away from hydrogenated ingredients
  • eat superfood in order to get your vitamins and energy
  • prepare your lunch beforehand and bring it to your work
  • be careful of the caffeine and alcohol intake; in fact, it’s best to avoid them altogether
Citrus fruits.
There are more options than it seems.

Also, keep in mind that your private trainers aren’t only there to help you with your workout. Also, female bodybuilding professionals teach you tricks, not only about your time at the gym but also your diet.

Move more

Choosing a fitness regime you really enjoy can make working out your favorite activity of the day. But if working out is not your thing, you can simply try to move more. Just try to walk more, especially if you use your car a lot. Taking a walk on an everyday basis might be more useful than working out every once in a while. And after some time, it will become a part of your lifestyle.

Workout is important

Other than physical health, working out improves our mental health, too. Regular exercise helps the release of endorphins, making us happier. Maybe that’s why people of Dubai love working out. And there are so many options, from yoga classes and Tai Chi to jogging and more regular gym workouts. And there is a huge demand for trainers here, so you can become a personal trainer in Dubai, too. 

Spend time in nature

Spending time in nature helps us feel present and melts away any stress or anxiety. While parks are good, “wilder” areas are even better. Smell the air, feel the earth with your fingers and hear the sound of the wind. While Dubai is not famous for areas that offer this experience, that doesn’t mean it’s unavailable to you. This aspect of a healthy lifestyle in Dubai is within your reach. Not so far away, there”s a beautiful desert. Also, the national park, The Gulf and Oman, offer the experience that will connect you with nature. Check out these as well:

  • Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve
  • Al Barsha Pond Park or Greek Park
A desert near Dubai.
There are many areas in Dubai that will allow you to feel connected with nature.

Hydration is important

Spending time at high temperatures can cause serious health issues. Your body might be unable to regulate its own temperature and it might get dehydrated. So, avoid physical activities in heat and sun, first of all. Next, it’s important to get hydrated, so drink enough water. And don’t forget to avoid fluctuations in temperature, since almost every room has an air conditioner.

Practice smiling

Try smiling on random occasions and notice your feelings. Smiling triggers neuro-linguistic programming. The brain makes us feel the same way as the last time we did when those same muscles were moved.

Do what you love

Fitness and health are not only about trying to stay fit during the Dubai summer. It’s also about doing the things that make you happy and enjoying your life. After all, life is too short to be stuck doing what you aren’t passionate about. And is there a better chance to change your life, then after moving to a new place like Dubai? So, use this opportunity to make your life be the way that you want it to be.

Find your tribe

People are social “animals” because we like to feel connected with other people. Find your tribe, the people of similar interests and stick to them. The feeling of belonging and being a part of something is much more important than we think. While this is not the most obvious aspect of a healthy lifestyle in Dubai, it definitely matters. After all, you don’t want your life in Dubai to be all about work and sleep.

 Friends walking down the dock in Dubai.
Friends are an important part of our life.

Help others

Helping others make ourselves feel better, thus resulting in overall mental health improvement. Knowing that we can make a change in the lives of other people, puts our own troubles in a different perspective.

Have enough sleep

Good night sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle in Dubai, or anywhere else, for that matter. Try to have at least 7 hours of sleep a night. And don’t think that you can compensate for the previous night of less sleep, cause it’s not how it works.

Make it your lifestyle A healthy lifestyle in Dubai is not a one-time choice. It’s a constant decision-making process, that will become a huge benefit to your health. In the beginning, it will be harder to adopt habits that serve you. However, as you get to notice the benefits, it’s going to be easier in time. Even if you get discouraged, don’t beat yourself up about it. Notice all the improvements that you have made and just keep going.


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