What options do the Georgia adoption laws allow?


Have you ever wondered what happens to children who lose their parents in some unfortunate event? The others who are otherwise left alone and family-less due to some other reason? Well, they go to loving families that add more happiness to their lives by having these gifts from God made a part of their own home. Adoption matters are complex but become easy if you hire an experienced and expert attorney like the Thomas Tebeau for their services in all kinds.

Are you one such family? This article would give you a basic understanding of the process.

What is adoption exactly?

Generally speaking, this will allows placement of children who have no family alive or have been abandoned on accounts of any circumstances. Foster parenting is available for children whose parents are alive but are unable to keep or afford the upbringing. As an adoptive parent, you can either take custody of a child as his/her relative or through an agency or a state-run welfare institution/department.

Types of adoption?

If you have questions popping up in your head, we are not surprised.

Instead of answering these independently, we’d take you through the types that you can opt for if you are looking to bring a child into your family.

In any case however, the cost would vary by case as it depends on factors like

  • Type of adoption
  • Involvement of adoption agency
  • Attorney’s fee
  • Background check fee

It is best to obtain an estimate before proceeding, although it is best to use a capable attorney preferably registered with the Georgia council lawyers, to ensure you have the matter handled professionally.

Third party adoption

Also known as the independent or private adoption, this type specifically involves placing the child with unrelated adoptive parents. As the name suggests, third party adoptions most happen through one’s network of friends and family.

However, a few conditions have to be met in order for this to be possible. One or both the biological parents of the child must be deceased; the willful consent by the living parent is mandatory unless there are the biological parent is incapable of the child’s caretaking. The result is the termination of parental rights with or without consent. The court gets to decide if the child can be handed over to the adoptive parents based on their suitability for the child’s wellbeing – this is considered paramount when giving a verdict for adoption.

Should the child be from a different state, the applicant has to obtain formal permission from the state at both the sending and the receiving end. Georgia adoption laws have strict penalization for violations.

Step-parent adoption

Should a step-parent be interested in adopting the child of his/her spouse from the biological parent, it is mandatory that the original parent is either deceased or has abandoned the child, performing none of the essential parental duties for a year or more. If that is not the case, the step-parent can still seek adoption with the written consent from the biological parent.

As with the third party adoption, the court only responds in the affirmative if the adoption is in child’s best interest and the applicant’s criminal record is clear enough to allow so.

Relative adoption

This type of adoption applies to cases where the child is a blood relation to the adoptive parents. This would mean that you can only adopt the child if he/she is your niece, nephew, grandchild, great grandchild, grandnephew or great grandnephew. Again, should one parent be alive, the adoptive parents would need to obtain written consent from the biological parent. Should the biological parent have failed in performing his essential parental duties thereby abandoning the child, the court reserves the right to terminate the right to parenting and process adoption that is in the child’s best interest.

Foreign adoption

It isn’t uncommon for people to adopt a foreign national child. A full and final decree from the child’s country of origin is a must. Otherwise, the case for has to be filed and finalized in Georgia’s court through adoption lawyers. This is essential to enable the adopted child’s access to legal citizenship and updating the immigration status. Since the adoption in such a scenario and the resultant matters of citizenship and immigration are critical, it is best to engage an experienced attorney for the purpose.

Should you be a seeking an adoption attorney in Atlanta, Thomas Tebeau is a reliable adoption attorney to approach. Their years of experience and expertise in processing the case in line with Georgia adoption laws makes them an ideal choice for a hassle free handling of the matter.


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