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Quick Methods Of Listerine Foot Soak Preparation: Get Rid Of Corny Feet In A Week!


Women especially are inquisitive about their body parts which are visible, most such parts are hands, feet, hair and skin. There is no doubt about the fact that one must be careful about personal hygiene. There are a lot of parts of the surface that require special attention as not all of them can be treated by a similar type of creams and lotions. For example, the scalp and facial skin both have different types and so needs unique items for proper treatment.

Similarly, one big problem faced by women is the cracking heels, dry skin and shedding of the skin. There are some solutions to relaxing your feet while you spend a tiring day. These solutions are just bound to mental peace, and not a proper look after of the feet.

To prevent heels from cracking and getting dry, there are some remedies which are going to be discussed in this article. It is effortless to find solutions to such small problems as we do not realise that sometimes the answer is just a few steps away. Soaking feet in lukewarm water with a little rose water is always preferable, but once you learn some of the easiest hacks to get clearer heels, you are going to repeat them every month due to the easy steps.

Listerine is one of the ingredients which is utilised for, and it holds speciality in killing germs and wiping off bacteria from the mouth. The presence of alcohol in Listerine makes sure that there is no harmful material left inside the mouth which gives a feeling of cleanliness and fresh breath. Very few of us are known for some other use of Listerine that is going to be further explained. Listerine is not just a suitable liquid for mouthwash, but it is instrumental in washing off the heels when it comes to dry and cracked heels. The properties of alcohol make it used for many purposes like getting rid of dandruff, killing germs and getting smooth skin.

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Listerine foot soak is a unique combination which is going to play a significant role in smoothening the feet. Since the alcohol is antiseptic, so there is no chance of getting infections or side effects. This is the best way to protect your feet plus get rid of cracks and uneven skin. Listerine for feet is not commonly heard, but it does wonders to the sole. There are some simple hacks which are going prove very helpful and are extremely easy to prepare. So let us begin.


These methods are readily applicable at home, and you do not have to spend time wandering in the market to search for the ingredients or for any material that is required for the preparation. These homemade remedies are quick and straightforward, wholly natural and give perfect results.



It is a simple yet effective method which you must repeat a few times to see a better result every time.


The essential elements required for this method are:

Three tablespoons of honey, one and a half cup of Listerine, half cup of vinegar, warm water, bucket or container.


First of all, you need to pour the honey into the lukewarm water and stir them to combine in the bucket or container. Once the mixing is done, the next step is to add the vinegar and the Listerine and mix it entirely once again. Now that you have combined all the ingredients soak your feet in the mixture for about 10 minutes at least.

The warm water helps to relax the blood vessels and increase the circulation in the body. The vinegar and Listerine together will work to cut down the dead skin from your feet. This whole solution together gives an incredibly smooth surface and does not produce any side effects.

The honey smoothens the skin giving a fresh look to heels and adds shine so you could wear any footwear of your choice without worrying about the look of your feet. One way to get instant results is to scrub the feet finally, so the dead skin is completely removed. You can also keep massaging the feet with Vaseline for keeping it soft and prevent the growth of dead skin.



Epsom salt is a unique salt which is fantastic for the feet and gives such smooth heels. The arteries are often tensed in the feet due to the daily routine’s exertion, Epsom salt releases the tension from the feet and relaxes the muscles.


It requires Listerine, lemon juice (must be pure and extracted from the fresh lemon), warm water in a jug and Epsom salt.


Add the lemon juice along with Epsom salt in the lukewarm water and stir them to combine evenly. Once the salt is dissolved completely, add the Listerine into it while stirring it continuously. Keep in the record that the water does not get chilled before you put your feet into it.

Now all you have to do it to soak your feet in the solution for 15 minutes and enjoy the soothing feeling unless you feel that the water has reduced in temperature. If you like the effect on your feet, then you can also keep your feet soaked for some more time but don’t forget to add a few drops of warm water.

As described above, the Epsom salt will reduce the tension in the arteries and relax down the blood pressure which is automatically going to make you feel relaxed and stress-free. The Listerine foot soak without vinegar works best to increase the blood flow and prevents the dryness of skin. It is advised to continue the treatment twice a week for the best results!



Very obvious from the name, this method is a combination of Listerine and shaving cream which together works as a fantastic product! The Listerine is an antiseptic which wipes off the germs and bacteria while the shaving cream promotes softer skin and increases the production of keratin in the skin to reduce the stiffness. Thus, both of these products give subtle texture to the heels, and the combo offers excellent results!


We require Listerine, shaving cream which is readily available in the market, warm water in a jug and foot filer.


This preparation method is a little different from the ones described above also because this is different concerning the ingredients. First of all, it is imperative that your feet are washed off with soap of any effective face wash so that the heels and other areas are clean from any dirt particles. Then apply the shaving cream on the feet gently. Add a few Listerine drops in lukewarm water and place the feet in the water for 15 minutes. Rest it there while you enjoy the relaxing period. Once the time is over, scrub the shaving cream along with dead skin with the help of filer or scrubber. After cleaning the feet thoroughly, massage Vaseline on the feet and you are done with it.

The shaving cream gives softness to the skin while the Listerine cleans off the germs and bacteria that could harm your feet. Once you try this method, you will see the fantastic results.



Chamomile tea is the best treatment for sweaty feet if combined with Listerine and used against corns and calluses. If you suffer from fungus and problems like sweaty feet, then this home remedy is beneficial for you in all ways. It is straightforward to prepare and have drastic effects which last longer.


As visible from the name, it requires chamomile tea mixture which you can purchase from any store nearby your house, one cup of Listerine, a container or tub, warm water, filer or scrubber and Vaseline.


Prepare a cup of chamomile tea and pour it in the tub or container in which you wish to place your feet later for the next 30 minutes. Add Listerine into it and stir the solution for a minute so that all the ingredients are combined evenly. The answer is ready now. Put your feet into the mixture for about half an hour. If you want to keep it in it longer then you may add warm water in it. Once you are done with the whole procedure, massage the feet gently with Vaseline to keep it soft and moisturized.

This method is beneficial for the heels with calluses and corns, after applying the whole process on your feet, the over sweating of feet is gone, and the smooth texture of heels is visible. Also, it is advised that you repeat the entire process two times a month for sound and long-lasting effects.



Beetroot is already very healthy for skin because it is rich in iron and it holds a right amount of vitamins and minerals because of being natural. Te beetroot, when used with Listerine, can reduce the dryness and over ageing of heels which is one significant change for anyone having rough and uneven skin. Let us look at the ingredients required for the preparation of this mixture:


We need half a cup of beetroot juice, one cup of Listerine, tub or container, filer or scrub, Vaseline and warm water.


You need to mix the beetroot juice and Listerine with warm water for a few minutes unless you see the colour appearing. It is your choice to add a few drops of lemon juice, if not added then also it is acceptable. After all the ingredients are mixed, put down your feet into it and leave it there for half an hour. One may feel a little itching on the feet in the start, but it will be gone in a few minutes, you don’t have to do anything to reduce it. Then lift up your feet and use a scrub or filer to remove the excess dead skin off the feet.

The beetroot and Listerine together work great for feet which has dryness and over ageing problems.



This method works best to provide relaxation to the feet when there is tiredness due to exertion all day. So this method relaxes the muscles and gives softness to the heels. The antiseptic properties of the Listerine and the lemon together bring out the best results which are further proved by the ingredients and recipe mentioned below.


One lemon, half a cup of mint leaves, a container or a tub, warm water and one cup of Listerine.


The preparation is elementary and produces exceptional results. Boil the water and add slices of lemon into it along with mint leaves. Once the water is ready, add a few drops of lemon juice. Wait till the water is cooled off and then add one cup of Listerine into it. The mixture is ready now. Put down your feet into the mix and keep it there in half an hour. To elongate the period, you may add some more hot water and enjoy the treatment. It is advised that you try this treatment twice a week to get the best results.



This is a straightforward method as the name suggests, it requires nutmeg which is readily available in every house. The Listerine and nutmeg give a soothing and warm effect because the nutmeg is also a beauty agent and it is used for many other purposes. The combination of nutmeg and Listerine cleans the heels and obliterates the dead cells. It nurtures the feet and prevents the cracking of heels. The ingredients and recipe of the preparation are mentioned below:


Since cloves are very powerful and play the role of principal agent, so they are required in a dozen an amount. Few drops of lemon juice, a tub or container, warm water, one cup Listerine and one teaspoon nutmeg powder.


Firstly you have to boil water with nutmeg powder and cloves in it. Then add a few drops of lemon juice. Leave it for a while so that the temperature of the water is cooled down. Then pour the water into a tub and add a cup of Listerine into it. It is now the time to soak your feet into it. Leave your feet inside for about 10 to 15 minutes. You might experience a little burning or itching but that is not going to be harmful so don’t worry about it.  After you take out the feet, apply Vaseline on it and massage gently. The Vaseline keeps the skin moisturised for a more extended period.

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These methods will bring out the best results for every kind of skin, and once you keep following the instructions, you will see the changes in skin easily.

The Best Foot Soak Products With Long Lasting Results Promised: All The Aches And Soreness Vanished Forever!

Let us talk about a few more Listerine foot soak mixtures which are extremely beneficial for the feet once you try them.


Avon is a huge name when it comes to skin care. The company offers a wide range of foot creams which are manufactured along with proper instructions for usage. Their unique formula does wonders to feet and heals the rough skin within a few days if used according to the mentioned instructions.


Dettol is known for its amazing and quick antiseptic properties which makes it usable for many purposes like applying on wounds and treating scratches. Similarly, the repair of feet is also one of the skin problems which are perfectly treated by using dettol foot soak by adding a few drops of dettol in warm water and enjoying the foot soak for a few minutes till the water stays lukewarm. All the problems like fungal infections and corns are easily removed by the use of dettol as it contains antiseptic which causes no side effects or harms later.


Radox sells excellent gels and skin products to which foot soaks is an addition. All you need is to use one of the radox gels and combine it with warm water to enjoy the massage. Radox has amazing elements in the gel which leaves soothing affect on the feet and relaxes the muscles.


The foot soak is one popular treatment to do on your feet because the composition is highly beneficial for the cracked heels. It consists of menthe arvensis leaf oil which soothe the aches, increases the circulation of blood as well. The peppermint oil revitalizes. It exfoliates the skin and brings out the shiny and fresh look of your feet.


The scholl foot soak consists of sea serum, green caviar and vitamin E which cleanses and relaxes the foot during the foot bath. All these ingredients combined give soft and clean feet within a few weeks by continuous usage as mentioned on the packaging. This is one of the best products to use for home pedicure.

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