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Everything you need to know before moving to Denver


Are you planning on moving to Denver this year? Well, you are certainly not the only one! A lot of people have decided to do the same and call this young, hip and desirable city home. And why? Well, there are many reasons. For instance, the economy is booming, the job market is thriving, the cost of living fits everybody’s pockets, and there are plenty of things you can do on those days off that people from all walks of life enjoy. However, if you are not persuaded yet, do not worry, you will be soon! Here is what you need to know about Denver and what you need to know about Denver moving tips and tricks.

Denver’s Real Estate Market

Of course, before you move anywhere, you must first check the real estate market. Luckily, you can plan your Denver move in advance, because finding a home and moving here is easy. Yes, there are homes, both houses and apartments, that suit everybody’s needs and budget! Currently, a median property price is around $441,800. And, if you plan on renting for a while first, you will have to spare between 1000-1400$ for a one-bedroom apartment. 

Finding the right movers and preparing in time is crucial. That way you will not end up having to pack your home in less than 24 hours.

Two people shaking hands after the decision about moving to Denver is made
If you have trouble finding a home before moving to Denver, hire a local real estate agent.

Job Market in Denver

When it comes to the job market in Denver, well we have both good and bad news for you. The good news is that there are a lot of high paying jobs and positions here, at the moment! Is that a reason for moving to Denver? But, do not start looking for the best local moving company just yet, there are some bad news – the competition for those some positions is fierce. So, you better be the best in your field if you want to find a good job here. Here are some of Denver’s top-paying jobs:

  • Tech
  • Agriculture
  • Aerospace

What to do For Fun in Denver

If you are searching for the best places for adventurous people, Denver just might be the right one for you. It goes without saying that Denver is a place for fun, of course, among other things. You can eat and drink in some of the best restaurants and food corners in the state. If you are a sports fan, well, here you will be able to participate in both playing and cheering. There are also many museums, theme parks, and plenty of other attractions to visit, including the great outdoors.

Women laughing.
One thing is for sure – you will have plenty of fun in Denver!

Best Places to Live in Denver

As previously mentioned, in Denver, there is something for everybody. That applies to places to live too! Yes, there is everything from family homes to hip studio apartments downtown. Where you will live, of course, depends on your needs. So, here are some neighborhoods to have in mind when moving to Denver:

  • The Highlands – Great place for those who enjoy a metropolitan kind of a lifestyle. This neighborhood is filled with fashionable stores, clubs, cafes, rooftop restaurants and similar.
  • Harvey Park – Recently renovated area, great for families as it is safe, affordable and located close to some of the best school districts.
  • Sunnyside – A place great for those who enjoy a little bit of everything.  Sunnyside really does have everything to offer – architecture, museums, schools, boutiques and a lot more.

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