Does Your Startup Need a Business Boom? PHP Is Here!

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Startups often begin with a lot of passion, a great plan, and a limited budget; at this phase, they must make the right decision to succeed in their mission. 

Opening up a startup shares a lot of similarity with gambling, you put all your money into one right idea, but one wrong move can get you back to square one. 

In tech-based projects, this one wrong move is choosing the wrong technology to base it on, so we are sharing this write-up. If you aim to play safely while playing big- then PHP is the way to go.

In this write-up, we’ll discuss why you need to hire PHP coders if you need your startup to proliferate. 

So let’s start, shall we?

If you are just starting with your business, and you are planning to take it online and cater to a vast audience, then there’s one thing you definitely need- LAMP Stack! 

 No matter how big you think you’ll be in the future, LAMP is something you will always need. 

If you are unaware of the LAMP stack, it refers to the group of technologies stacked together to build your project into a fully-functioning application. It consists of a web server, operating systems, database, and programming language. Here, LAMP refers to Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. 

If you are a non-technical owner, you must have been relying on others for technical advice, and we have often heard that LAMP (primarily MySQL and PHP) is just too simple, nothing extraordinary. Let us tell you that this is a groundless claim. 

In fact: 

Most large social media, eCommerce, and wiki websites have built their foundation in PHP and still use it extensively. More than 80% of the top 10 million websites actively use PHP.
PHP has both a massive user base and mind-blowing market share.
It is easy to hire PHP programmers since many of them are out there in the market (of course, because PHP is super popular).
PHP provides exemplary performance, and as time passes by, it’s getting even better.
PHP provides better time to market.
PHP is not just a scripting language; it is an object-oriented, full-fledged web powerhouse.
PHP 7 offers incredible improvements compared to the older versions, and PHP 8 is expected to set the bar even higher.
It offers multiple brilliant and powerful frameworks (everyone knows the capabilities of Symfony and Laravel).
WordPress (coded in PHP) rules the CMS-world with a 37% market share. And the next top 5 CMSs are all coded in PHP. You can guess the power of PHP with just that.
PHP does not need extra processors, servers, tricks, or hacks are needed. It goes perfectly with the server.

Beyond the above-presented facts, you must know the following about business solutions, coding languages, and other enterprise needs if you wish to be a successful business owner. 

Design and Architecture: 

Both factors mean far more than just choosing the right coding language. Selecting the “right” language means nothing if you fail to pick an exemplary system architecture. PHP has maintained its consistency in terms of speed and performance on the web. PHP is crafted for the web; PHP frameworks offer exceptional features since they are too designed for the enterprise web. And you must know that enterprise solutions are grounded on architecture, not on technology or language. 

Choosing a language without evaluating it in every aspect is like buying a car you have never tested, just because it looks good. You must Hire PHP Developers, solve all your doubts, take proper consultations, evaluate your needs and requirements, see if the language matches everything, and then choose to move ahead. 

Keep it Simple:

To bring your idea to the market, all you need to do is choose a simple digital solution. The solution must be fast, simple, and inexpensive, which can work for now and grow your business later. A wrong step and you can end up buying your business in its grave. Unless you aim to go big like Amazon, upon your site’s launch, the strongest and suited solution is PHP (LAMP Stack).

Build now, Scale Later:

Don’t get confused with what others tell you. You may often get advised to build your project with the exact same tools you would need in the future; this is absolutely untrue. Even giants such as Facebook and Amazon started with one technology and kept adding to their tech stack as they advanced (both extensively use PHP). 

Your current aim should be to use inexpensive tools and design your project appropriately; this will help you when you wish to expand your business. 

Take Facebook for an example; it started with PHP, still uses PHP extensively, and scaled significantly. 

Once you decide to take a step up, you can simply hire PHP coders and add on the functionalities and features needed at that time. 

Apart from this, there are some necessary actions a business owner running a web-project must take:

Invest in architecture first:

Do you get what this means? 

You need to hire PHP developers who talk design and architecture first and coding second. Nothing can create more unrest in your web-based project than a developer who starts right with coding, without assessing the project’s other needs. Do not mistake time invested with performance; a developer doesn’t have to be extremely fast, s/he instead should take their time and implement only the right steps before they start to code. 

Choose your team carefully:

Choosing the right team can be one hell of a task for a non-technical product owner. There are many instances where a developer’s abilities are judged on her/his speed, but when you gaze through their code, it’s a total mess. If you need to hire PHP programmers, you must assess their abilities based on their degrees, experience, and technology knowledge. Do not hire someone who fails in even one of these aspects. 


This write-up is about choosing what’s best for your project keeping in mind all the fundamental elements, and not the glittery stuff. This article will help you properly design your project while sticking to the right technology (PHP!) and maintaining your project in the same. It’s about sticking to the right solution to provide you with all the benefits you can achieve out of your project. 

We hope we could accomplish what we were aiming for. 

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