Deck Building Designs & Porch Inspiration For The Ultimate Aussie-Style Summer

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If you find yourself constantly staring at your neighbour’s yard, you might be suffering from what could be best described as deck envy. If yours isn’t quite big enough, isn’t the best looking, or could do with a bit of tidying up, then you’re going to love our massive guide. Check out our roundup of deck building designs, porch inspiration, and verandah visions for the ultimate Aussie-style patio experience. 

Adding Balustrades

First, you might be wondering what a balustrade is. Sometimes referred to as a railing, rail, banister, handrail or parapet, a balustrade is a row of small columns or posts, known as balusters, topped with a railing or bar. Sounds royally expensive, right? Wrong. Upgrading your porch, deck, balcony, patio or verandah with a shiny new balustrade is more accessible than you might think. While hiring a stonemason for an extravagantly designed balustrade reminiscent of the Roman Empire or a carpenter for a cabin in the woods could take you all year, the more affordable and convenient option is ULTRALOX INTERLOCKING® TECHNOLOGY.

Ultralox Interlocking® Technology

Made in the USA and backed up with a 20-year limited warranty, Ultralox is Australia’s most innovative balustrade system. Pre-powder-coated, without additional welding, the speed at which Ultralox can produce railing panels for on-site delivery is unrivalled.  With capacity for both aluminium pickets and glass infill options for railing, Ultralox Balustrades enable a consistent and stylish look for any project, thanks to the lack of exposed fasteners.

ULTRALOX INTERLOCKING® TECHNOLOGY balustrade systems are available in many styles, colours and configurations, including picket and glass options. You can even design your own using our colours and top rail selections, plus accessories such as gate kits and solar & wired light caps.

Victorian Railing Systems: Aluminium picket railing system strong enough for commercial applications with elegance and beauty for any residential application.

Revival Railing Systems: Delivering an elegant, durable, modern design, with an old-world charm added to the handrail.

Modern Railing Systems: Aluminium modern railing system with a continuous top rail for added elegance.

Find out more about ULTRALOX, suppliers of Australia’s most innovative balustrade system today.

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