Damages That Are Recoverable in Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks are common occupants of the road. These heavy vehicles haul cargo to and from various destinations and travel along busy roads and highways. Sharing the roads with trucks is quite routine.

The trucks are enormous in size and weight. The cargo that they carry adds to the weight of the truck. Therefore, it becomes quite difficult to maneuver the truck through the traffic. Additionally, the massive weight of the truck increases the stopping distance significantly, therefore increasing the chances of accidents.

Truck accidents are quite common nowadays. Every year numerous lives are lost due to truck accidents. There are various causes of truck accidents. One of the most common causes is speeding. Apart from that, improper conditions of the road or the weather can result in truck accidents as well. Other reasons for truck accidents include driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving when fatigued, improper loading or shifting of cargo, failure to follow the traffic rules, inadequate maintenance of trucks, and so on.

Injuries Caused from Truck Accidents

The large weight and size of the truck increase the impact of the collision of the truck with other vehicles. This makes the accidents catastrophic and, in some cases, deadly. Various kinds of injuries are caused by truck accidents. The injuries are usually serious and the effects last for a long time.

Some of the most common injuries that victims sustain from truck accidents include brain and spinal cord injuries, broken bones, cuts and lacerations, amputated limbs, etc. Head injuries can range from mild concussions to traumatic brain injuries that can have lasting effects. Whiplash injuries are also common among truck accident victims since the neck of the drivers of other vehicles undergo a sudden jerking motion during the accident as s/he applies the brake or collides with the truck and the motion of the vehicle is stopped.

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When the truck driver is at fault, victims can retrieve the rightful compensation for the injuries that they have sustained.

Damages That Are Recoverable

In the event of truck accidents, compensation can be retrieved for the various damages. Let’s take a look at some of these damages here:

  1. Medical Bills

A victim can seek compensation for the injuries sustained. For this, it is important to accumulate the medical bills associated with the treatment of the injuries. Additionally, the cost of surgeries, physical therapies, lifelong care, etc. can also be retrieved. Victims may also recover other expenses including the cost of medicines, replacement of the medical equipment that they use, future medical expenses, and so on.

  1. Property Damage

Apart from medical bills, victims can also recover compensation for the damage to property caused by a truck accident. Getting the best compensation for the property damage to the car or other vehicles can be complex. Competent lawyers can guide victims through the process of receiving a fair settlement for the vehicle property damage.

  1. Lost Wages

Owing to major truck accident injuries, victims may be required to miss several weeks of work. Sometimes, the injuries may cause the victims to pursue a different line of work. In severe cases, the injuries may prevent the victims from returning to work altogether. Compensations for the loss of a person’s ability to earn a living can be retrieved with the help of the best lawyers. The amount is calculated by taking into account the retirement benefits that the victims may have accumulated had they been able to work. Lost earning capacity can be retrieved in the event of truck accidents. In addition to that, the costs incurred by the victims owing to the aggravation of any pre-existing injury can also be recovered. That being said, victims will need to provide reasonable proof of the lost earning capacity.

  1. Pain and Suffering

Every injury sustained by the victims of truck accidents is associated with extreme pain and suffering. Physical injuries can result in mental anguish. That being said, every person’s experience is different. Sometimes, the effects can be lasting. Some of the factors considered here include depression, pain that limits daily activities, need for help for running errands, and so on.

To recover the rightful compensation, it is important to hire a competent truck wreck lawyer. If you live in Houston and have been a victim of an 18-wheeler accident, Houston 18-wheeler accident lawyers can help you with this process.

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