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Coolest Gift Ideas for Gadget Lovers


Almost any item in our day-to-day lives has now been simplified through a high-tech gadget or app. Looking for a suitcase that can also charge your phone while on standby at the airport? Need a friendly assistant to remind you of all your to-do lists? There are apps and gadgets for that!

Whether you’re shopping for a tech enthusiast brother or friend who can’t wait to get their hands on the latest products, it’s essential to get them the newest — and coolest — designs. This way, they get excited about your gift, and you get to see them geek out over new releases — which makes the cumbersome gift-shopping all worth it.

If you’re now giddy with excitement and can’t wait, go on and check the list we rounded up for you. It features the most coveted gadgets in the market, plus the coolest ones you never knew existed until now!

Motion Sensor Trash Can

Do you know what the worst part about cooking is? It’s to touch the trash bin, wash your hands, and do more chopping or stirring. It isn’t enjoyable, plus, it can be unhygienic.

Thankfully, a trash bin with motion sensors is now on the market. They are advanced trash bins that you can instruct to stay open if you need them to. Trash bins like these will be an absolute hit for family or friends that love cooking as much as they love new gadgets.

Card Holder

Have you noticed a friend having trouble fishing out all their credit cards? If they did, then this cardholder would be a lifesaver!

This smart wallet gives its users quick access to all their cards with just one click of a button. The best part? It’s got an RFID-blocking layer to safeguard against fraud like skimming.

Charging Device with a UV Sanitizer

The pandemic taught us to prioritize our sanitation and hygiene. Since smartphones can carry bacteria or viruses, it’s essential to keep them clean too.

As such, get your friends and family a wireless charging station that has a UV sanitizer. These devices recharge and sanitize their phone while eliminating 99.9% of screen germs in only 20 minutes.

Self-Cleaning Pad for Fur Babies

Cleaning dog poop isn’t a walk in the park. For the fur parents in your life, self-cleaning dog potties replace the dirty pads for them. And it doesn’t require poop bags too! Ahh, that’s the dream.

As soon as their dogs relieve themselves, the pads turn into gel automatically. It essentially keeps the home clean and odor-free. It can even be connected to smartphones so that the owners can be updated on their fur babies’ health and bowel movements.

Noise-Masking Earbuds

For loved ones or colleagues complaining about noisy neighbors or a roommate’s loud snore, noise-making earbuds would be their best friend. It masks any external sounds, which helps keep them asleep. It’s a perfect gift for someone who just graduated from school and is taking their much-needed rest!

Shower Speaker

If your family’s the type to have a concert during showers, they might fall in love with a shower speaker.

Surround-sound shower speakers give the ultimate concert feel with their wireless and waterproof speakers. Besides the standard music functions like play, pause, skip, etc., shower speakers can also receive calls, thanks to their built-in microphone.

Facial Toning Device

A friend, sister, or mom obsessed with having great skin deserves a facial toning device. It helps reduce the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles, which cause aging. If they use it, they’re sure to get glowing, younger-looking skin.

Cocktail Maker

Friends that miss the premium pours of cocktail bars need a cocktail maker. When you gift your friend techy devices like these, it’ll be like having a professional mixologist crafting cocktails for them at home. 

Do you have friends celebrating their anniversary? Consider this as your anniversary gift, too!

Workout Mirror

It can be hard to watch a workout instructor perform a routine and make sure you’re doing yours well all at the same time.

Thankfully, techy devices like workout mirrors are now available in the market. A loved one can now stream workout classes while observing a good workout posture.

Audio Sunglasses

For family and friends that want to look hip (and like to listen to music secretly), audio sunglasses could be their thing. Wouldn’t it be cool to make the wearer feel like they’re walking in a movie scene?

Shop well!

Surprising a technologically savvy family member or friend would be challenging. Knowing them, they might have even heard of these devices before. But, this could also be an advantage on your part. If they heard of it, it’s a sure thing that they’ve dreamt of laying their fingers on the device, too.

Tease and impress your loved one for getting a techy gadget — and for the fact that you got them an actual device that they’d love and enjoy!

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