Cheapest Way to Move Across Country – Pro Moving Tips

Pro Moving Tips

Moving is an expensive affair and it is no wonder that you are looking for the cheapest way to move across country. Moving costs involved with a cross country move can be thousands of dollars. Hiring long distance movers just to transport your stuff can cost you around $3000-$5000. This is the reason it is understandable why people are looking for less expensive moving options. While the cheapest way to move across country depends majorly on your customized moving requirements, but with a few effective tips, you can save money on your upcoming move.

1. Sell you Unwanted Stuff

Just like any other people, you too might have a lot of stuff that you really don’t need or use anymore. By selling those items, you can save your money as there would be fewer items to pack and move. We are all aware that long distance moving quotes are based on the weight of your belongings, so why not reduce our moving costs by not moving the items you don’t require anymore. So, only move those items which you really want and sell or donate the unwanted ones, this is one of the factors to reduce the average moving costs when finding the cheapest way to move across the country.

2. Rent a Moving Container

One of the best ways to move is by renting a moving container. Moving containers are much cheaper than hiring long distance movers. As an added benefit, portable moving containers can be double as your storage container both ways before and after your move. All you have to do is pack and load your belongings into a container and the rest will be done by the moving container company. 

3. Get Free Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies

The great way to cut your moving costs is collecting free moving boxes and moving supplies as much as you can. Which means you can seek to gather newspapers, bubble wraps, boxes from any nearby retail stores, or you can always ask your friends and relatives in case they have any extra boxes or packing material.

4. Rent a Moving Truck

If you are well prepared to move by driving your own, then renting a moving truck is a great option as it will probably save your thousands of dollars and can be your cheapest way to move across country. You would only have to spend on truck’s fuel and rent to a moving truck as per your requirements.

5. Choose a Better Moving Date

Your moving date affects your moving budget a lot. It is always better to move during the off-season and weekdays. Try to avoid planning your move during peak season, holidays and first and last weeks of a month as usually moving companies charge higher on such days.

6. Hire Moving Labor

Another way to save your money and sanity is by hiring moving labour. If you are planning to drive yourself, you would surely need a helping hand to load and unload your moving truck. Moving labors are skilled professionals who can assist you with your moving tasks without causing any damage to your belongings.

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