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Best places to move to after college


If you can relocate anywhere you want in the U.S. where would you go? If you’re about to graduate college you probably have come across this question lately. When making a decision like this, the most important thing is to make it wisely. You need a place that offers job opportunities in your branch, as well as competitive payout, and reasonable commute time. Now, it’s always a good idea to choose a city where a lot of other people your age live. Social life is important, and no job is worth not having any. Luckily for you, the United States is full of great opportunities. So, take a look at the list of the best places to move to after college, and pick your favorite.

Seattle, Washington

One of the best places to move to after college has to be Seattle. It is the city that has a population of about 725,000, and it is located in the Northern Pacific region. Which means that there are mountains around it. You can be sure that you will be in a good company if you move here after graduation. About 36% of the residents have a bachelor’s degree, which is a pretty high percentage. The median age of people living there is 35, and about 20% of residents are between the ages of 20 and 29.

In general, you shouldn’t have any problems with finding a job. The unemployment rate of bachelor degree workers is 2.3%, but it depends on the branch. More than 50% of employees are in management, science, art, and business occupations. In terms of money, you can expect earnings of between $58,000 to up to $70,000 per year, depending on the experience.

The biggest industries in Seattle are for sure in the ballpark of education and health, science, and management services. Employers that have the largest part in this city are Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, University of Washington, Walmart, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, and so on.

Public transport in Seattle is available, and you’ll have access to several forms of it. However, most of the people here commute by their private vehicle. The average commute time is 28 minutes, so it’s really not big of a deal.

Seattle night skyline.
Many young people have found their luck in Seattle, why wouldn’t you be one of them?

New York, New York

Ah, the Big Apple, what a fantastic city. New York is a bustling and busy city all day and night and it has a population of over 8,600,000 residents. The median age here is 36, and there are 16% of those between the ages of 20 and 29. The unemployment rate among college graduates is at 3.6% which is perfectly fine. Here, biggest occupation fields again are management, business, arts, and science.

Most of the people living here use the subway and buses to get around, as having a car is not a good idea. New York is a big city, but that also means that there’s a lot of people buzzing around. Therefore, driving here is pretty much a nightmare. The same goes for the relocation process. Be sure to use assistance when moving to Manhattan as it is the only way to get it done without problems.

There is plenty of housing, but it comes at a price. Expect to pay about $2,000 for a single bedroom or a studio apartment. The two-bedroom one will set you back about $2,500. Space, unfortunately, becomes a problem in the Big Apple. Most of the residents have a storage unit at the facility like the Verrazano Moving and Storage Staten Island, where they keep the stuff they don’t use at the moment.

Brooklyn Bridge as the symbol of New York, one of the best places to move to after college.
New York, the city that never sleeps.

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is a promising place for any recent college graduate. Just under 20% of people living there are between 20 and 29. And there are 890,000 residents altogether. This city also has a fantastic unemployment rate of 2% for college grads, with which not many can compete. As usual, business, management, and science are the occupations that are the most desirable and they occupy almost 60% of the workforce.

Your annual salary won’t be so high like in Seattle, but at $50,000 it isn’t so bad either. Large employees that you might want to look for are, of course, the city, state, and federal government, as well as Ohio Health, Honda of America, and JP Morgan Chase.

Most people are commuting by their own vehicles, and the average time that they spend doing it is around 20 minutes. About 40% of the living facilities are apartments in multi-story buildings. And the rent will set you back from $750 to $1000 depending on your desired number of rooms.

Columbus is also a great place if you want to start your own small business.

San Diego, California

We can’t make the list of the best places to move to after college without the sunshine capital of California, San Diego. About 19% of people living here are between the ages of 20 and 29 and the unemployment rate for those with a bachelor’s degree is 3.6%. The large quantity of the workforce is taken by management, business, and science.

You can expect an annual salary of around $60,000 which is not bad at all. If you want to work for the government, the biggest employees are 32nd Street Naval Station and MCCS MCRD. In the civilian sector, Kaiser Permanente, Scripps Mercy Hospital, Sony Electronics, and Seaworld are the biggest players. However, San Diego is famous for a lot of entrepreneurs that live in it. Many of them were able to start franchises in their 20s, so that’s an idea to think about.

The usual commute time is around 25 minutes, and most of the residents get around using public transport. You can expect a rent of anywhere between $1,500 to $2,000 depending on your needs.

Man with a surfboard on a San Diego beach.
Sunny beaches of Sun Diego have to be one of the best places to move to after college.

Austin, Texas

For sure, you have heard the slogan ”Keep Austin Weird”. This is what makes this city appealing to people between 20 and 29. They make up 19% percent of the total 950,000 residents. The unemployment rate for those with a bachelor’s degree is 2.3%, and almost half of them work in the business, management, arts, and science occupations.

You’ll have an annual salary of $58,000 if you choose to relocate here. The biggest employers here are the state of Texas, the University of Texas, Dell Technologies, St David’s Healthcare, and Samsung Austin Semiconductor.

You can use the Capital Metro Transportation Authority’s services if you want to, but most of the residents choose to use their own vehicles to get to the work. The average commute time is around 25 minutes, so it is in the boundaries of being pretty much perfect. All of this makes Austin one of the best places to move to after college.

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