Bamboo Extract: Effects and Uses of It for Hair Growth


If you’re a big fan of purchasing skincare products, you might have probably bought skincare items with bamboo extract as a primary or minor ingredient. Yes, bamboo extract is quite famous for its hydrating properties that can keep your skin smooth and supple. They also say that it may also be great for your hair if it’s good for the skin. Is it true in bamboo extract’s case? Can it really improve your hair growth and condition? Find out the reasons why you should buy and use hair growth shampoos and conditioners with bamboo extract.


Special Perks of Using Bamboo Extract for Hair Growth


Bamboo is a kind of woody grass that grows abundantly in different countries, especially in Asian countries like China, Thailand, and Myanmar, where you can find lots of bamboo forests. The bamboo’s wooden stem is primarily timber for building houses, fences, and even ornamental structures. Pandas, which are considered an endangered species, also benefit from bamboos since they love munching on bamboo shoots any time of the day.


But what’s very special about the bamboo and its extract as a beauty and hair care ingredient? Feed your curiosity by knowing the special hair growth perks that you can receive from the bamboo extract.


  1. It is rich in silica content.


When life gets busy, women tend to hurry in everything they do, especially in combing and styling their hair. Unfortunately, aggressive brushing and tugging can cause your hair strands to snap, preventing you from achieving your hair care goals. Therefore, your hair needs enough silica content to strengthen your hair. Silica also aids in promoting good blood circulation, ensuring that your hair follicles receive ample nourishment from the blood.


  1. It does its job in retaining moisture.


Your hair needs enough moisture to feel softer and smoother throughout the day. Hence, it would be most helpful to have a great ingredient that can seal moisture. Bamboo extract is a natural silica source that can absorb and hold enough water content, making it an ultra-moisturizing component. Its unique characteristic is why bamboo extract is well-known as a hydrating ingredient in Korean skincare products and hair growth conditioners.


  1. It is a potent source of vitamins and antioxidants.


Your hair is constantly exposed to external factors, putting your hair follicles at risk. But with the antioxidants found in the bamboo extract, your hair growth will never go wrong. Based on a 2016 study conducted by a group of Chinese scientists, the bamboo shaving extract contains compounds, such as caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, and flavonoids, with antioxidant properties. Another 2016 study published in the Pakistan Journal of Nutrition discovered the antioxidant activity present in the bamboo shoot extract’s chemical compounds.


  1. Its silica content also promotes collagen production for both hair and skin.


Every strand on your head is made of keratin, and it requires an ample amount of amino acids to form and strengthen the structure. Hence, it would mainly be helpful to have sufficient collagen in the body. Collagen, the most copious protein in the body, is also packed with proline, an amino acid vital during keratin synthesis. Although it is less noticeable, collagen also strengthens your scalp’s outer skin, keeping it well-hydrated and elastic.


Perk Up Your Hair Care Regimen with Bamboo Extract.


It’s not fun when you simply buy and use hair growth items just because they’re popular. Hence, it would help to explore the vast world of ingredients beneficial to hair growth. Like how pandas love bamboo, women should also start embracing bamboo extract as a unique and essential ingredient for their hair. Hence, boost your hair care regimen and let your hair enjoy the benefits and nutrients it can get from the bamboo extract.


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