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The technological take-over of the conventional business world has been rapid and it caused some drastic changes in the traditional business world. The limited resources and contacts used to hinder the business expansion process, difficulty in seeking qualified and competent investors and suppliers, struggle of reaching and partnering with business organizations and companies; are some of the prominent drawbacks of the conventional business world. To minimize the effect of these disadvantages, the online portals offer unique and sophisticated features and services. The merger of technology with orthodox business methods has definitely elevated and improved the principles and values of the business world. Business-to-business portals provide you with numerous lucrative business expansion and growth opportunities.

One of the biggest challenge that this digitized business world is facing nowadays, is increased and tough competition among digital business organizations and companies. As more and more advanced business ventures are joining these portals, the competition is getting tougher and tougher. The main advantage of reaching international markets and business sectors has made every business corporation to join these business platforms. The ease of marketing of your product and brand through digital platforms, enables the registered organizations to make cost-effective and performance efficient marketing and business strategies. By listing your product and registering your brand on these portals, you can have easy access to international buyers, suppliers and traders.

The sole reason behind the creation of business portal is to simplify business processes and activities and to provide organizations with the ease of doing business. By joining a business portal you can reap thousands of benefits form its features and services, summarized below are some of the chief advantages of any business portal:

  • Ease of getting in touch and contacting several buyers, sellers and traders across the globe.
  • Guaranteed success and security of business transactions and exchanges.
  • Providing organizations with profitable business growth opportunities.
  • Provides organizations with valuable assistance in constitution of better business strategies.
  • Enables businesses to increase their growth and profit rates.

Mentioned above, are few of the benefits of business portals as enlistment of all the promising advantages of business platforms is not possible. Complied below is the comprehensive list of all the well-known and rapidly growing business platforms that might help you in meeting your next potential customer and consumer. These platforms have elevated the business status of thousands of organizations and corporations:

  1. Alibaba:

Developed in the late 90’s, Alibaba is one of the most popular business portal. This private e-commerce company is operated from China and offer its services in retail, business-to-business, and consumer sales sectors of business. This business platform was developed with the chief objective of enabling the Chinese exporters and traders to reach the international markets. According to the summary available on website, this portal has alliance with almost ten renowned companies like Alibaba International, Alibaba China, Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan, AliExpress, Alimama, Aliyun, AliPay and China smart Logistics. This private digital business company conducts its operations through three main websites that are: Taobao which is China’s largest shopping website, Tmall is the largest trading platform for high quality products and goods and Alibaba.com is probably China’s largest business platform which connects several Chinese traders and exporters with other international companies and business organizations. The features offered by Alibaba are of high quality such as AliPay which is an advanced and innovative mobile payment feature, Alibaba Cloud Computing which is a sophisticated platform for data management and cloud computing.

Alibaba has been successful in improving the business environment of the rural areas of the country. This has resulted in generation of several job opportunities. The reviews of several renowned business magazines and reports have stated that Alibaba is one of the most preferred business platform for all sorts and sizes of business organizations and companies.

eWorldTrade was launched in the digital business world about a decade ago and in this brief time period, eWorldTrade has gained dominion in the international business and market sectors. The headquarters of this company is situated in Dallas, USA. eWorldTrade is subsidiary of Reckon Media LLC, which is known as one of the successful online marketing platform. eWorldTrade has been successful in establishing its reputation in international by obtaining associations with some of the most competent and well-recognized suppliers, traders, buyers and producers of various international markets. Currently, eWorldTrade has a huge network more than 500,000 registered business, organizations and companies. This network is constantly growing as thousands of people are registering their ventures and joining the diverse business community of eWorldTrade to gain profitable deals and to meet their potential clients and customers. 

Since most of the operations are run from Pakistan, this digital business platform will play a pivotal role in CPEC project as thousands of Chinese companies and businesses are registered on eWorldTrade. Having associations with business of Dubai and China, eWorldTrade will prove to be helpful in improving and building better business and economic relations with China. Not only that, this portal has been successful in establishing business relations with several Malaysian, Indian and American businesses and companies which provides you with a lucrative opportunity to expand your business prospects and ventures in these prospering business sectors and markets. With enhanced and innovative business solutions and features, eWorldTrade is becoming one of the leading business platform in the digital business world.

As the name suggest, all the operations of IndiaMART are run from India. In recent years, it has become one of the most widely-used business platform of India. One of the outstanding fact about IndiaMART is that it hold almost 60% market share of the online business and trading sectors of India. In addition to that, this portal has gathered millions of revenues for India. Several well-known brands have associated their business venture with IndiaMART such as Tata Motors, Maruti Suzuki and Reliance. IndiaMART offers its allies and users with numerous supportive programs and services like Payment Protection Program, Instant Payment gateway and Pay with IndiaMART. IndiaMART has more than a thousand employees and offices in 76 countries. The aforementioned factors have contributed in making IndiaMART a prominent business portal.

It is one the leading wholesale business platform. This platform allows its users mainly foreign importers to purchase volumes of Chinese products and good at reasonable prices. DHgate has a comprehensive and diverse collection of almost 30 million products and has business associations with numerous organizations of 200+ countries. DHgate is one of the widely used online wholesale marketplace which is visited by more than a million customers daily. Offering features and services like DHcredit, DHlink, DHpay, DHmobile, DHport and DHtraining, DHgate has eased up business processes and wholesale marketing. This portal has gained partnership with famous brands like American express, DHL, FedEx, MasterCard Visa and UPS.


Mentioned above are some of the best and rapidly growing business portals which provide business organization and companies of all sorts and sizes with unique features and services. Joining a business portal is one of the easiest and modern way of business expansion. Several business portals have provided its customers and users with promising results which has contributed in increasing the usage of such online platforms.

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