Amazing Facts About Evolution of Hard Disk Drive

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Hard disk drives (HDDs) or Hard drives are a technology that was first invented and patented in 1956. This type of technology was thought up by IBM, and they dominated the market for nearly 30 years. IBM produced the first model of hard drives in its San Jose, California laboratory. Since the discovery of hard drives, it has changed several times to meet commercial needs.

A hard drive is necessary for the effective functionality of a computer. Along with several features, they even become quite easier to use. Here, we have mentioned how hard disk drives have evolved since they first came into existence.

How does the Hard Disk Drive Work?

Let’s begin with the most asked question on the internet. How does a hard drive work? Well, the hard disk drive stores and retrieves data on your computer. HDDs not only store your pictures, songs, or games but all the information related to your device’s OS, internet connectivity, etc.  It contains a head actuator, spindle, platter, read/write actuator arm, and read/write head.

The word ‘storage’ usually refers to the external hard drive. It has multiple discs stacked on top of each other that save all your device’s data. Each disc has magnetized metal grains divided into bits that can move either in clockwise or anti-clockwise directions. These bits are symbolized by 0s and 1s and the data is written when the strings of bits are changed to electrical currents. The direction of the bits is changed through an electromagnet.

When the HDD receives any information, its actuator sends a signal to the read/write arm. The read/write head starts moving around the platter to find the file location. The size of data that can be stored is directly proportional to the binary units stored on the HDD platter.

Storage Capacities of Hard Disk Drive

The storage capacity of each hard drive varies and is divided into smaller units, called bytes. One byte is a building-block of 8 bits. The Terabyte is the highest amount of data while a byte is the smallest amount of data.

  • A Kilobyte (KB) is equal to 1,024 Bytes
  • A Megabyte (MB) is equal to 1,024 Kilobytes
  • A Gigabyte (GB) is equal to 1,024 Megabytes
  • A Terabyte (TB) is equal to 1,024 Gigabytes

Hidden facts You Didn’t Know About Evolution of Hard Disk Drive

The external hard drives are nowadays replaced by cloud storage and backup. Since the hard drives came into existence, there are certain changes that it has gone through. Given below are some amazing facts about the evolution of Hard Disk Drive:

1: The First-Ever Hard Drive

Since the first hard drive was released by IBM, it can be used only with IBM Computers. The hard drive was called the 350 Disk Storage Unit in the starting year. After that year, IBM released several other versions of the hard drive that people continued to buy.

Later, IBM started exporting this device to other countries and companies. It is shocking that the drive weighed about 1 ton. Unfortunately, the company discontinued the drive’s production in the latter part of 1969.

2: Initial Price Of The Hard Drive

The price of the hard drive back when it was launched was very expensive. Just like the weight, the price is shocking as it cost about $34,000 for a hard drive. Yes, you heard it right. If you want a hard drive for yourself at that time, you need to buy it for $34,000. It was also available for rent at the cost of $1200, which was exactly cheap either. But now the scenario is different, the price of hard drives is very less in comparison to that one in the initial stages.

3: Traditional Hard Disk Drives Have A Storage Limit

Another amazing fact from the history of Hard Disks is that they come with certain capacity limits. Because of power requirements and air resistance, the number of platters on a single drive can hold data with certain capacity limits. Multiple aerodynamic processors make it difficult to store data beyond an exceeding amount in a single hard drive.

There are other physical and technological principles that make it difficult for the hard drive to spin at a higher speed.  These factors make it impossible for your hard disk drive to spin at a speed of more than 15k RPM. However, some brands have manufactured partition recovery software that can help you to obtain maximum speed.

4: Amount Of Power For HDD Storage

You might be familiar with the fact that digital industries create separate storage units to store huge data on hard drives. The rows and columns of hard disk drives require much more electrical power as compared to that needed to run your PC.

When you use your computer the whole day, it does not consume that much power. But using the hard drives for a few hours consumes electricity equivalent to that of providing light to one small city.

5: SSD Are Replacing HDD

Platters of the hard drive continuously spin to read and write your data. Scientifically, continuous spinning of the platters eventually wears out. An SSD or solid-state drive is a storage device without any moving parts and is a giant flash drive. The platters of Solid-state drive do not spin or move. Therefore, it can be used longer than HDD. This makes users prefer solid-state drives over hard drives.

HDD Regenerator – All You Must Know

As the name suggests, an HDD regenerator is a restoration platform that regenerates the erased or damaged data. It helps you to regenerate the data on a hard disk drive. Mainly professional data recovery experts need this program. Even if the program fails to recover your data from scratch, it can repair the bad sectors of your disk.

There are several popular tools that you can use to recover deleted files from HDDs, SSDs, USBs, and optical media. Tools like Stellar Data Recovery Professional can help you to restore data from formatted, encrypted, or corrupted drives. In case of bad sectors find in hard disk drive, and fix through hard drive repair manual solutions. Meanwhile face data loss, can also recover by this utility program. HDD regenerator is free software that can scan and repair your system’s drivers to detect if there are any deleted files.

Wrapping Up

Hard Disk drive is a mechanical data storage device that stores all your data. Since the time of the invention of Hard drives, there have been certain changes that evolved with the passage of time. Earlier you have to pay a huge amount to have even a small space on hard disks. Now, the price is reduced too much. In less than 60 years of time frame, the hard disk technology has advanced very much. We have mentioned some amazing facts that you must know about evolution of Hard disk drives.

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