7 SaaS Marketing Ideas You Should Implement in Your Campaign

In 2011, experts stated that software is eating the world, and almost nine years later, you can see traces of the same in your business. Several SaaS-based firms have marked their presence across different industry verticals.

With over 4 billion individuals using the internet, it is now convenient, inexpensive, and easier to develop software with the help of technology. SaaS firms now have a sturdy and constantly growing customer base.

Technological advancement has a significant impact on software development. However, SaaS businesses prefer subscription models that are constantly revolutionizing the industry.

Most SaaS firms charge subscription fees for their products and services that are delivered and stored within the cloud. These subscription models enable firms to acquire increased profitability and improve value. This way your clients don’t have to face any consequences.

Here, we have discussed the important aspects related to SaaS marketing ideas that you can include in your campaign-

  • Offer Product Trials
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Content Marketing
  • Effective Referral Marketing
  • C0-Marketing
  • Google AdWords
  • Perks of Retargeting

Offer Product Trials

This is one of the trending sources of lead generation for the SaaS industry. Nothing can beat the first-hand experience of a product, which is why you must consider offering product trials to your customers.

You can offer product trials to your customers through your website. Trials are proven to be an effective lead generation tool, especially for tech-savvy audiences. This audience prefers a trial instead of talking to your sales rep.

Product trials are independent sources to generate leads with an add-on marketing investment. It is imperative to stay connected with your audience during this process so that they can savor a positive experience with the product.

Timely communication allows you to resolve customer queries and reduce product complexity. You can adopt different streams of communication such as group webinars, one-on-one calls, automated emails, or combine all three of them.

Product trials showcase buyer intentions. They help you understand the interest level of your potential buyer. It has been observed that individuals who opt for trials have a high probability to invest in your products.

They are also referred to as PQLs (Product Qualified Leads) and you can easily track them. The secret is to create a balance between demonstrating value without pressuring the audience and in a cost-effective and comfortable manner.

Product trials can help optimize and create a highly qualified channel of leads.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO and content marketing pretty much go hand in hand. Together, they help to discover your content on varied search engines such as Bing, Google, Baidu, and Yandex. SEO is broadly classified into off-page SEO and on-page SEO.

Off-Page SEO

When asked about off-page SEO, individuals can only connect it to link building. According to leading eCommerce SEO agency, there is more to off-page SEO than just link building. For the link building activity, it is important to have a great quality link from a reliable and authoritative site.

Social Media is equally important as it helps you to share and link with other influential social accounts. This is yet another quality indicator of your links.

A distribution strategy can effectively help you obtain more shares and links.

On-Page SEO

The best thing about on-page SEO is that you have complete command over it. You can create relevant content suitable for your audience and they can share it as well.

Don’t forget to consider essential factors such as internal linking, keyword strategy, descriptions, use of titles, UI, and page load time.

Content Marketing

An increased number of companies around the world are using content marketing to create a brand image, lure their audience, and generate leads. The exceptional feature of content marketing is that it has a compounding effect on your business.

Marketing tactics such as PPC advertising are effective only until you spend on it. Content marketing can generate leads even when you are not consciously spending much on it.

This is why SaaS marketers cherish and favor content marketing for businesses. Dropbox, Moz, and Intercom are SaaS businesses that make optimal use of content to produce leads.

Content marketing can assist you to reach the right audience and through informative content. Using content marketing tools can help you to understand audience preferences and needs. This information can further inform you of the right time to approach them.

Effective Referral Marketing

Research indicates that referrals are one of the most effective leads. A majority of sales reps also believe that referral marketing is a significant activity that can influence sales.

This marketing practice requires minimal investment. Often, enterprises debate that low-quality referrals are not worth the amount spent and vice-versa. The impact of referral marketing may differ from industry to industry. 

An ideal choice for your SaaS firm is to go with what works for your business and then optimize it.

You can use software and special tools to design an effective referral program. Gain clarity on good and bad referrals as this can help determine the type of referrals that you have received.

The marketing team can design a template that your sales and other teams can use to ask for referrals. This will make it convenient for your sales team to ask for referrals.


Several SaaS organizations prefer using a co-marketing campaign. This campaign allows them to collaborate with other firms and share the same business opinion. There are no stringent norms for co-marketing.

Firms usually create and share content through ebooks, research papers, by hosting a webinar, and many other forms. The companies share the cost incurred for the process and the leads generated through it.  

There is a possibility that both companies can reach out to different types of audiences. Co-marketing can be an effective practice for several businesses. It is important to gain clarity on the expectations of this collaboration from the beginning.

A quality content piece is likely to generate an increased number of leads.

Google AdWords

Inbound marketing is an effective way to reduce expense on AdWords, however, millions of visitors click on search engine ads regularly. If you don’t want to skip a section of your potential leads, then it is fruitful to invest in PPC.

These ads are trending in the Google search results.

PPC has gained recognition for the following reasons: 

  • It is highly scalable
  • It can redirect targeted traffic to your website
  • Alter spending as per your business needs
  • Improved cost and result predictability

Accessing this information helps you make the right decisions for your business. You don’t get stuck with the traditional marketing budget constraints and make effective use of available resources.

You can run a couple of tests and learn which activity generates better ROI for your enterprise. Undoubtedly, there’s a lot of difference between traffic and lead levels across industries.

But, you are likely to relish an increased lead and traffic when you are ready to pay for it. An expert can guide you to run inbound and paid campaigns effectively with the help of the right software.

Perks of Retargeting

In most cases, companies fail to convince their customers to take actions that can profit the business. This action may include purchasing online, downloading the app or ebook, or even signing up for a free trial.

Retargeting, also known as remarketing across, helps you re-engage with your visitors and increase your conversion rates. 

Retargeting can trace individuals who have visited your website and display online adverts on their other search web pages. A couple of eCommerce websites offer contextual offers to their website visitors by means of retargeting.

For instance, you visited an apparel website and left it after a couple of seconds. When you visited another website, you came across adverts (with discounts) for the same company. They were offering you more discounts on the same apparel section that you were searching for.

In some cases, you see similar adverts while skimping through your social media account as well. This is known as retargeting in action.

Irrespective of which industry you belong to, retargeting can be beneficial for your business. You can convert a visitor into an actual buyer. The modern retargeting software empowers marketers to reach audiences beyond website visits.

For instance, you can initiate a campaign inclusive of a webinar session or a click-on-an-email strategy.Modern software programs allow marketers to track the target audience with likable characteristics that can visit your website.

Retargeting is a precious tool for marketers as it provides you another opportunity to build credibility, trust, and awareness among website visitors. An experienced team and the right use of tools can enhance the efficacy of retargeting for your business.

Wrapping Up

All these are proven and tested SaaS marketing strategies that can help your software firm to achieve new business goals. You can alter the application of these strategies at different levels of your business journey.

We recommended obtaining personal assistance from professionals to ensure fruitful implementation of strategies at the right time.

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