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11 Important Facts About England


f you’re looking for facts about England beyond the usual Royal family, The Beatles, Harry Potter and London-related trivia, then you’ve come to the right place. There are a lot more shocking and interesting facts about England than that.

A tourists’ hub, students’ heaven, and one of the most visited countries in the world, England’s heritage, architecture, history, and landscape is IMHO, impossible to beat.

Let us take you to Tour de England, where you will get to know some interesting facts about England, and a lot more about the country, its history, brilliant people and amazing places. 

1 England’s buildings date back to the Jurassic Period 

Where on earth would you find a building made of stone from the Jurassic period? Well, St Paul’s Cathedral and Buckingham Palace in England were constructed using limestone from this time, called the Portland stone. The stone was around when the dinosaurs were – how cool is that? 

2 Stonehenge is the oldest monument in England

Stonehenge is also one of the most visited spots in England by international tourists – it’s one of England’s most important landmarks. It’s a circle of standing stones in Wiltshire, mostly believed to be built by the Druids to perform sacrificial rituals. It’s now an English Heritage site, and strictly protected. 

3 We have one of the the world’s biggest zoos

Chester Zoo is Europe’s largest tropical house. More than 400 species of over 11,000 animals make this zoo worth visiting when you’re in England. It’s without a doubt one of the most important zoos in England. 

4 The British Library in London is the world’s largest library 

The British Library, London, is the national library for England and also the world’s largest library with over 170 million to 200 million items in its catalogue. It’s free to enter the site and it’s easily accessible in the centre of London, right by Euston adm King’s Cross Stations. 

5 To be a Black Cab driver you need to pass a test 

The drivers of Black Cabs in London are only permitted to drive if they memorise every street and important building in London within six miles from Charing Cross and they need to take a test called ‘The Knowledge’ before they get permission to drive a cab. This is one of the reasons why Uber was so controversial when it came to London. 

6 London wasn’t always called London 

The capital city of England, London, has gone through many transitions over the centuries and prior to becoming London, it was Londonium, Ludenwic and Ludenburg.

7 The Queen doesn’t need a passport 

The ‘needs-no-introduction’ Queen Elizabeth may have flown to many countries but she doesn’t have a passport. Our passports in England are issued in her name, so why would she issue a passport in her name? She might have a problem if she rocked up for an EasyJet flight in Stansted, but with her private jets, she’ll be fine. 

8 The first locomotive train was built in England in 1804. 

The first full scale working steam engines were made here, and the design was copied around the world. Steam trains are still loved today in England, and live on through the super popular Thomas the Tank Engine series.  

9 England is the 3rd biggest consumer of tea worldwide

In first place is Turkey, and second, Ireland. We love a ‘brew’ here in England and amazingly drink more than the Japanese, and the Americans. Visit England and you’ll learn that a cup of tea solves everything! 

10 We have some strange sounding foods, but they taste delicious! 

Some foods with strange but interesting names, common in England are Toad in the Hole, Spotted Dick, Bletted Medlars, Cullen Skink, Stargazey Pie and Singing Hinnies. Try them all!

11 We have authentic Roman Baths 

The small historical city known as Bath has UNESCO World Heritage Status in England. Around 500 of its buildings are historically significant or hold architectural importance. The city hosts 2000-year-old Roman baths located around the mesmerising hot springs in the city. Go and get rejuvenated!

By Victoria Philpott from DayOutinEngland.com

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